With the new immigration policy in place, due to COVID 19, starting your Canadian studies on-line in the fall of 2020, can make you eligible to work in Canada. It can also improve your chances of obtaining permanent residence under the Express Entry program, the Provincial Nomination program amongst others.

If financial means to study in Canada exists and you want to improve your chances of becoming a Canadian permanent resident, you may wish to consider an education pathway. The cost of tuition and living fees are generally lower than in other developed countries. In addition, Canada allows you to work in the country during and after your studies so you can support yourself financially and gain work experience.

Your spouse or partner is eligible to obtain a work permit to work for any Canadian employer during and after you complete your studies. You can also bring your children with you to Canada and they can attend one of Canada's public schools without needing their own study permit.

Once you complete your program, you will get a Canadian degree, diploma, or other credential that will be recognized and respected by Canadian employers and government authorities. This credential will help you integrate into the Canadian labour market and gain more points under a variety of federal and provincial immigration programs.

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