New Brunswick Pushing for More Immigrants

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The bilingual province is looking to increase immigration to 10,000 newcomers every year, according to the Canadian Press.

The Premier of New Brunswick wants to increase the province’s population to one million in 2040.

Premier Blaine Higgs brought up the province’s aging population and labour market shortage during an annual “state of the province” speech, the Canadian Press reports. The premiere referred to the province’s population growth strategy released this past summer, which says that nearly 120,000 jobs will become available in New Brunswick over the next decade.

The growth strategy also says that New Brunswick will raise the number of economic immigrants settling in New Brunswick each year to 7,500 by 2024. However, those numbers were set by the federal government, and Higgs told the audience of business individuals and reporters that the province would be pushing for an intake of 10,000 each year. He said the province is opening new offices in India and Europe in order to promote New Brunswick immigration to foreign talent and investors.

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