How This New Education Strategy Could Affect Canadian Immigration

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The International Education Strategy ensures that Canada remains among the world’s top destinations for learning. It attracts students from around the world to enroll in various schools and programs at all educational levels in the country.

International Education Strategy (2019-2024)

Over the five-year term (2019-2024), the new International Education Strategy aims to diversify the education sector, boosting Canada’s innovation capacity and promoting global ties.

Therefore, The International Education Division is rolling out a plan to enhance Canada’s profile abroad and attract international students to Canadian education institutions such as universities, colleges, language schools, and elementary/ secondary schools.

The Three main objectives of the new strategy include:

  • Encourage Canadian students to gain new skills through study and work abroad opportunities in key global markets, especially Asia.
  • Diversify the countries from which international students come to Canada, along with their fields, levels, and location of study within Canada.
  • Increase support for the Canadian education sector institutions to help grow export services and explore new opportunities abroad.

Student Direct Stream

As part of this strategy, the government is considering expanding the Student Direct Stream, making it available to prospective students from additional countries. The Student Direct Stream enables students who submit electronic applications and meet other up-front requirements to benefit from expedited processing times.

Also, expanding this program to attract immigrants from countries other than China and India makes it feasible for students who are currently outside these two countries to apply and be accepted. More than 50% of Canada’s international students come from India and China.

Increased scholarship funding for incoming international students will help attract students from various countries, contributing to diversification efforts.

In addition, international students are also concentrated in large cities in Canada. Therefore, sending students to various regions and schools would foster sustainable growth of Canada’s international education sector and distribute the benefits more equitably across the country.

New Digital Marketing Strategy

A new digital marketing strategy will aim to diversify Canada’s international education sector and address regional and demographic gaps. It will target students from Brazil, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam. The target countries will be adjusted regularly based on the needs of Canadian provinces and territories.

Domestic vs. International

Regarding university, scholarships, and college spaces, some domestic students feel international students take seats away, making it difficult for them to gain admission and enjoy the economic prospects that a university or college education can bring.

When conversations center around the lack of physical space for students, questions arise as to why international students are getting accepted when there is difficulty accommodating domestic students. Additionally, unemployed Canadians feel forced to compete with immigrants for the same job.

Despite negative sentiments in some quarters, Canada is facing labor shortages, particularly in the highly qualified professional and skilled trades. Therefore, the new International education strategy can help Canada meet current and emerging labor market challenges. So if you’re looking to study in Canada, or abroad you can call me to get more information.

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