Intake of new permanent residence applications will continue. Files that are incomplete due to unavailable documents will be retained in the system and reviewed in 90 days.

New, complete permanent residence applications under section 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) will be processed as per normal procedures while taking into consideration the additional processing guidance outlined in these instructions.

If a new application is missing supporting documentation (associated fees are required), the applicant should include an explanation with their application that they are affected by the service disruptions as a result of the novel coronavirus. The application may then be promoted and reviewed in 90 days. If the application is still incomplete in 60 days, officers will request the missing documents with an additional 90-day deadline.

Applications found to be incomplete with no explanation provided, or for reasons unrelated to the disruption of services associated with impacts of the novel coronavirus, may be rejected as per section R10, and all fees associated with the application should be refunded to the applicant. The reason for rejection should be unrelated to the disruption of services.

Offices in the Centralized and Domestic Networks will continue to process permanent residence applications where the principal applicant is in Canada and has overseas dependants, taking into account the delays that may occur. The principal applicant will not be granted permanent residence if overseas depen

dants cannot travel. Clients will be contacted to ascertain next steps once travel is possible again.

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